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fastest hoverboards

The Fastest Hoverboards

In the world of hoverboards, there are many different models and brands to choose from. Some boards can reach speeds up to 12 mph while others max out at a measly 3-4mph for top speed. This article takes an in depth look into what it takes for a board’s maximum potential velocity with factors such as torque, acceleration rate, weight capacity and more!

Top 5 Fastest Hoverboards

Segway Ninebot Max18.7mph
Halo Rover15mph
Swagtron Outlaw T612mph
Magic Hover G-F112mph
F1 Gyroor12mph
EPIKGO Sport10mph

A hoverboard can be characterized as one with the fastest top speeds among other things. The power of a board is what determines how fast it will go and whether or not they have any difficulty in reaching their maximum speed. Below are some boards that we found to be especially high performing ones, so if you want an excellent product then choose from this list!

Fastest Hoverboard Buyer’s Guide

The fastest hoverboards in the world have 4 different types of motors: hub motor, belt drive, direct drive and wheel driven.

Hub motors are great for riders who want to save money on replacement parts or don’t care how the wheels spin because they’re only using their fastest hoverboard as a super-powered skateboard that can coast downhill or be pushed on flat ground. Belt drives, direct drives and wheel-driven fastest hoverboards are better for riders who care how the wheels spin because they want to get a lot of speed in a short amount of time or feel like their fastest hoverboard is more than just an expensive toy.

The belt drive system requires less maintenance that hub motors or direct drive systems, but they can be less powerful than a hub motor.

Direct-drive hoverboards are the fastest and have the most power; however, belt drives require very little maintenance to keep them in good condition.

Wheel driven hoverboard motors make it easier for riders to go uphill because their fastest hoverboard is more like an ATV.

If you want to get the fastest hoverboard, it’s important to know what type of riding you plan on doing with your hoverboards and which type of motor will work best for those activities. Regardless of whether or not your fastest hoverboard is a hub-motor, belt drive, direct drive or wheel-driven, you’ll need to replace the battery once a year or so.

Before purchasing your hoverboard, make sure it has features that will help with downhill carving. The best way to do this is by using at least two different types of motors in order to get the most power possible going down hills and through turns.

Battery Life

The fastest hoverboard battery life ranges from one hour to six hours. If you want the fastest, most powerful hoverboard on the market with a long-lasting battery, you should buy either a belt drive or direct-drive hoverboards. The downside of these types of batteries are that they can be more expensive and require more maintenance than hub motors.

Hoverboards with a six-hour battery life are less common, but they can be found at online stores like Amazon or WalMart.

Motor Power

Hoverboards have two types of motors: hub and belt. Hub motor hoverboards are more powerful because they sit lower to the ground, generating a larger amount of torque and power due to their spinning at high speeds in close proximity with the ground. Belt-driven hoverboard products on the other hand, which also tend to be less expensive, create a slower and less powerful top speed.


How long does a hoverboard last on full charge?

A hoverboard will typically last for a full hour on one charge. This time can vary depending on the board, but should be similar across all models in general.

How long does it take to charge? Typically, between an hour and two hours (depending on the model). Most boards come with their own charging cord which plugs into

What is the world's fastest hoverboard?

The fastest hoverboard in the world is Swagtron T6. This board can reach speeds of up to 12 mph, making it a great choice for those who want speed and power from their boards. The F1-Gyroor also has impressive top speeds that range between 12-16 mph

How can I make my hoverboard faster?

The fastest way to do this is by selecting a higher gear. Some of the fastest hoverboards have ‘turbo’ or ‘boost’ modes that will help the rider go even faster than standard mode. Turbo is usually only for downhill riding; it could be dangerous on any other terrain. You should also consider the weight of your rider, and adjust the speed accordingly to avoid any accidents.

Common Mistakes To Avoid

  • Riding fastest hoverboards on inclines or downhill. Turbo mode should only be used with care if you are in a safe environment such as an empty street, and the rider is familiar with how to use it.
  • Attempting tricks while riding fastest hoverboard – for safety reasons these shouldn’t be attempted until after years of experience.
  • Riding fastest hoverboards without wearing a helmet. This is an absolute must for the safety of fastest hoverboard riders, and it’s also illegal in many places.
  • Leaving fastest hoverboards outside during extreme weather conditions such as rain or snow – this could lead to serious damage that may not be covered by warranty.


We have tested fastest hoverboards that are equipped with the latest technology. These boards offer speeds of up to 15-19 miles per hour, making them one of the fastest hoverboards available in the market. In conclusion, fastest hoverboards are fun and popular way to get around. If you’re new to fastest hoverboards or want to improve your skills on them, we hope this guide has been helpful!

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