Electric Longboards

Electric Longboards


Electric longboards are the kind of skateboard but have some specific differences. Longboards are very similar to surfboards, and they are designed for long, fast rides around town and parks while skateboards tend to be shorter and more maneuverable boards.


Fans of electric longboards note their practicality and ease of operation, which, in turn, allows for extreme enjoyment of high-speed riding. You can not find a better option for mobile movement in an urban environment. The modern electric longboard today is not a fun thing, this is a full-fledged autonomous vehicle, that anyone can afford to buy. The market offers many models for every taste and budget. Find out the best electric longboards in our review.

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Best Electric Longboards of 2024

Electric longboards are skateboards 100-120 cm long. Board dimensions are measured in inches and are used to categorize decks: mini 22′′; medium 40-42′′; maxi 50′′. The differences may also apply to the shape of the deck: oval, with pointed edges, with a split tail, etc. Purpose of the projectile – riding on the city, trails, …

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