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Apollo Phantom Electric Scooter — Review

Apollo Phantom Electric Scooter Review

The Apollo Phantom electric scooter represents a pinnacle of modern urban mobility, combining cutting-edge technology with meticulous engineering to deliver an exceptional riding experience. In a rapidly evolving market flooded with electric scooters, the Apollo Phantom stands out as a beacon of innovation and quality. With its striking design, impressive performance, and a host of user-friendly features, this scooter is more than just a mode of transportation; it’s a symbol of urban sophistication and practicality. As we delve deeper into its various aspects, you’ll discover why the Apollo Phantom has earned its reputation as a standout choice for urban commuters and scooter enthusiasts alike.

Design & Build Quality

The Apollo Phantom electric scooter is a striking example of thoughtful design and impeccable build quality. From the moment you lay eyes on it, you can tell that it’s a premium offering. The scooter boasts a sleek, minimalist design with a matte black finish, giving it a sophisticated and urban appeal. The aluminum alloy frame not only lends the scooter durability but also keeps it lightweight, making it easy to maneuver through city streets and navigate tight spaces. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect, from the high-quality rubber grips on the handlebars to the robust stem folding mechanism that feels sturdy and reliable.

Apollo Phantom — Design & Build Quality

Furthermore, the Phantom’s build quality is top-notch, and it’s evident that it’s been engineered to withstand the rigors of daily use. The scooter exhibits a level of craftsmanship that instills confidence in its longevity. Every component feels solidly constructed, and the scooter as a whole exudes a sense of solidity that is often lacking in lesser electric scooters. Whether you’re commuting to work or taking leisurely rides, the Apollo Phantom’s design and build quality ensure that you’ll do so in style and with the assurance that your investment is well-protected.


Specification Details
Motor Power 800W brushless DC motor
Battery Voltage 52V
Battery Capacity 18.2Ah
Maximum Speed Up to 34 mph (55 km/h)
Range per Charge Up to 40 miles (64 km)
Charging Time Approximately 6-7 hours
Tires 10-inch pneumatic, tubeless front and rear
Suspension Front and rear dual-spring suspension
Braking System Front and rear disc brakes
Weight Limit 220 lbs (100 kg)
Frame Material Aluminum alloy
Foldable Yes, with a quick-folding mechanism
Lights Front and rear LED lights
Display LCD display with speed, battery, and mode
Riding Modes 3 riding modes (Eco, City, Sport)
Cruise Control Yes
App Connectivity Yes, via Apollo’s smartphone app
Bluetooth Speaker Yes
Dimensions (Unfolded) 46.5″ x 20.5″ x 47.2″ (L x W x H)
Dimensions (Folded) 46.5″ x 8.7″ x 18.1″ (L x W x H)
Weight 52.9 lbs (24 kg)

These specifications showcase the Apollo Phantom’s impressive motor power, range, and other key features that make it a standout electric scooter in its class.

Apollo Phantom Scooter — Specifications

Pros & Cons


  1. Impressive Performance: The Apollo Phantom boasts an 800W brushless motor that delivers swift acceleration and can handle steep inclines with ease. It’s a powerful scooter that offers an exhilarating riding experience.
  2. Long Range: With a 52V 18.2Ah battery, the Phantom provides an excellent range of up to 40 miles on a single charge. This extended range makes it suitable for longer commutes without the need for frequent recharging.
  3. Sturdy Build Quality: The scooter features an aluminum alloy frame that is not only durable but also lightweight. It’s designed to withstand daily use and rough urban terrains while remaining easy to maneuver.
  4. User-Friendly Design: The Apollo Phantom is designed with user convenience in mind. It features an intuitive LCD display, adjustable handlebar height, and a quick-folding mechanism for easy storage and transport.
  5. Safety Features: Front and rear LED lights enhance visibility during nighttime rides, while the dual-spring suspension and disc brakes provide a safe and comfortable riding experience.
  6. Riding Modes: The scooter offers three riding modes (Eco, City, Sport) to suit various riding preferences and scenarios, allowing both beginners and experienced riders to customize their experience.
  7. Cruise Control: Cruise control functionality is a handy feature for maintaining consistent speeds during long rides, reducing rider fatigue.


  1. Charging Time: While the Apollo Phantom offers an impressive range, the charging time of approximately 6-7 hours might be considered relatively long by some users. It’s important to plan charging accordingly.
  2. Weight: At 52.9 lbs (24 kg), the Phantom is relatively heavy for an electric scooter. While it’s manageable for most users, carrying it up flights of stairs or onto public transportation can be a bit cumbersome.
  3. Price: The Apollo Phantom falls into the higher price range for electric scooters. While its features and performance justify the cost, it may not be the most budget-friendly option for some potential buyers.
  4. App Dependency: Some advanced features and customization options may require the use of the Apollo smartphone app, which might not be preferred by users who prefer a more straightforward riding experience.
  5. Availability: Depending on your location, the availability of the Apollo Phantom may be limited, making it challenging for some riders to purchase and access customer support.
  6. Bluetooth Speaker: While the inclusion of a Bluetooth speaker is a fun feature for some, others may consider it unnecessary and prefer to use their own audio devices.
  7. Weight Limit: The weight limit of 220 lbs (100 kg) may not accommodate larger riders, potentially limiting its accessibility to a broader audience.

Phantom Scooter — Pros & Cons

Performance & Range

The Apollo Phantom electric scooter excels in the performance department, making it a standout choice in its category. Equipped with a potent 800W brushless motor, it accelerates swiftly and effortlessly, easily tackling inclines that would pose a challenge to lesser scooters. The power delivery is smooth and predictable, allowing for precise control even at higher speeds. It’s evident that Apollo has put a lot of thought into optimizing the scooter’s performance for real-world use.

The range of the Phantom is equally impressive. Thanks to its 52V 18.2Ah battery pack, it offers an impressive range of up to 40 miles on a single charge, depending on riding conditions. This extended range makes it suitable for longer commutes and ensures that you won’t have to worry about recharging frequently. The combination of power and range makes the Apollo Phantom a versatile companion for daily commuting or leisurely rides, providing a consistent and thrilling experience every time you hop on.

User-friendliness & Convenience

Apollo has gone to great lengths to ensure that the Phantom electric scooter is user-friendly and convenient for riders of all levels. The scooter features a clear and intuitive display panel that provides essential information at a glance, including speed, battery life, and riding mode. Its folding mechanism is a breeze to operate, allowing for easy storage or transportation, whether you’re taking it on public transport or stowing it in your office.

Phantom electric scooter — User-friendliness & Convenience

Additionally, the adjustable handlebar height accommodates riders of various heights, enhancing comfort during long rides. The inclusion of front and rear LED lights ensures visibility and safety during nighttime outings, and the dual suspension system effectively absorbs shocks and bumps on rough terrain, resulting in a comfortable and smooth ride. Overall, the Apollo Phantom’s user-friendly design and thoughtful convenience features make it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced riders alike.

LED Display

The Apollo Phantom’s LED display is a prime example of user-centric design, providing essential information at a glance while remaining easy to read even in varying lighting conditions. Positioned at the scooter’s handlebars, the display presents critical data, including current speed, remaining battery life, and the selected riding mode. Its clarity and simplicity ensure that riders can stay informed without distraction, enhancing both safety and convenience during their journeys. Additionally, the display’s real-time feedback allows riders to adjust their speed and riding mode on the fly, ensuring a seamless and responsive riding experience that caters to different riding scenarios.

Apollo Phantom electric scooter — LED Display


Charging the Apollo Phantom is a straightforward process that aligns with the scooter’s user-friendly ethos. Equipped with a high-capacity 52V 18.2Ah battery, the scooter offers an impressive range of up to 40 miles on a single charge. While the charging time of approximately 6-7 hours may require some planning, it’s well within the standard range for electric scooters in its class. The charging port is conveniently located, making it easy to plug in without the need for complex maneuvers. This straightforward approach to charging ensures that riders can keep their Phantom ready for action, whether it’s for a daily commute or a leisurely weekend ride, with minimal hassle and downtime.

Electric Brake System

The Apollo Phantom electric scooter features a sophisticated electric brake system that contributes significantly to its safety and rider confidence. The scooter is equipped with both front and rear disc brakes, offering precise and responsive stopping power. The electric braking system operates seamlessly alongside these mechanical brakes, enhancing overall braking performance. When engaged, the electric brake system gently reduces the scooter’s speed by regenerating energy, which not only provides efficient deceleration but also helps extend the scooter’s overall range.

What sets the Apollo Phantom’s electric brake system apart is its user-adjustable sensitivity. Riders can fine-tune the strength of the regenerative braking to match their preferences and riding conditions. This level of customization is especially valuable when navigating crowded urban environments or downhill descents, as it allows for a personalized and controlled braking experience. Overall, the electric brake system on the Apollo Phantom is a testament to the scooter’s commitment to safety and rider control, making it a standout feature that enhances the overall riding experience.

Apollo Phantom review — Electric Brake System


The Apollo Phantom electric scooter excels in the realm of maneuverability, making it a top choice for navigating the complexities of urban environments. One of its standout features contributing to this agility is its 10-inch pneumatic tires. These robust, air-filled tires provide excellent shock absorption and traction, allowing riders to confidently tackle uneven surfaces, potholes, and minor obstacles without compromising stability or comfort. The wider tires also contribute to a more stable and balanced ride, making it easier to navigate through tight corners and crowded streets.

Moreover, the Phantom’s responsive handling is further enhanced by its lightweight yet durable aluminum alloy frame. This combination of agility and durability ensures that riders can effortlessly weave through traffic, execute sharp turns, and make quick stops when necessary. Whether you’re zigzagging through city streets during your daily commute or exploring narrow pathways on your weekend adventures, the Apollo Phantom’s exceptional maneuverability provides a level of control that instills confidence and elevates the overall riding experience, all while maintaining a compact and easily transportable form factor when folded.

An Extra Layer of Comfort

The Apollo Phantom electric scooter goes beyond the basics to offer riders an extra layer of comfort, making each journey a pleasant and enjoyable experience. One of the key contributors to this comfort is its dual-spring suspension system. With front and rear suspension, the scooter effectively dampens shocks and vibrations from uneven terrain and road imperfections, resulting in a remarkably smooth and bump-free ride. Whether you’re traversing rough city streets or tackling less-than-ideal paths, the suspension system ensures that you arrive at your destination without the fatigue often associated with electric scooters lacking such advanced comfort features.

Apollo Phantom reviews — An Extra Layer of Comfort

In addition to its suspension, the Apollo Phantom’s ergonomically designed handlebars and wide deck contribute to a comfortable and natural riding posture. The generous deck size allows riders to comfortably place both feet side by side, reducing strain on the legs and enhancing stability. Combined with the adjustable handlebar height, which caters to riders of various sizes, the scooter promotes an ergonomic and relaxed riding position, reducing the risk of discomfort or fatigue during longer rides. These thoughtful design elements create an extra layer of comfort that distinguishes the Phantom from its competitors, making it an ideal choice for both daily commuters and leisure riders seeking a smoother and more enjoyable journey.


Safety is paramount when it comes to electric scooters, and the Apollo Phantom takes this aspect seriously. One of the standout safety features is the presence of both front and rear LED lights. These bright lights ensure that riders remain visible to pedestrians and other vehicles, significantly enhancing nighttime safety. The inclusion of LED lights not only aids in visibility but also contributes to overall road awareness, reducing the risk of accidents in low-light conditions. Additionally, the Phantom’s LED lights can be customized through the Apollo app, allowing riders to choose from various colors and lighting patterns, further improving visibility and adding a touch of personalization.

Phantom scooters — Safety

Furthermore, the electric scooter features a robust dual braking system comprising front and rear disc brakes. This setup provides exceptional stopping power, enabling riders to respond promptly to unexpected obstacles or traffic situations. The electric brake system, in particular, enhances braking performance by regenerating energy and providing precise control. Additionally, the scooter’s non-slip deck and comfortable grip handlebars contribute to a secure and stable riding experience. The combination of these safety features ensures that the Apollo Phantom electric scooter is not only a thrill to ride but also a reliable and secure mode of urban transportation, instilling confidence in riders as they navigate through city streets.

Battery Life

The Apollo Phantom electric scooter impresses with its exceptional battery life, a vital aspect of any electric vehicle. Powered by a high-capacity 52V 18.2Ah battery pack, it offers an impressive range of up to 40 miles on a single charge, depending on riding conditions. This extended range ensures that riders can confidently embark on longer journeys, including commutes, errands, or scenic rides, without the constant worry of running out of battery. It effectively eliminates range anxiety and adds an element of freedom to your daily travels, allowing you to explore more without the need for frequent charging stops.

Phantom battery upgrade — Battery life

Moreover, the Apollo Phantom’s battery management system is designed for longevity. It incorporates safeguards to protect the battery against overcharging, over-discharging, and temperature fluctuations, all of which contribute to a longer battery life cycle. This thoughtful design ensures that the scooter maintains its impressive range and performance over an extended period, providing excellent value for the investment. Whether you’re using the Phantom for your daily commute or leisurely rides, its robust battery life and management system are sure to enhance your riding experience and reliability.

Ride Comfort

Ride comfort is a standout feature of the Apollo Phantom electric scooter, setting it apart from many of its counterparts. At the heart of this comfort is the dual-spring suspension system, which includes both front and rear suspension. These springs effectively absorb shocks and vibrations from rough terrain, potholes, and uneven city streets, resulting in a remarkably smooth and comfortable ride. The suspension system enhances overall stability and minimizes rider fatigue, allowing you to enjoy extended journeys without discomfort.

Apollo Scooter Phantom — Ride Comfort

Additionally, the generous deck size of the Apollo Phantom allows riders to comfortably place both feet side by side. This ergonomic design reduces strain on the legs and promotes a natural riding posture. Combined with the adjustable handlebar height to accommodate riders of various sizes, the scooter ensures that you can cruise with ease, whether you’re commuting or taking a leisurely spin. Whether you’re traversing bumpy city streets or exploring scenic routes, the Apollo Phantom’s focus on ride comfort transforms your rides into a truly enjoyable experience.

Smart Features

The Apollo Phantom electric scooter doesn’t just excel in performance and comfort; it also boasts a range of smart features that enhance its overall appeal and user experience. One notable feature is its smartphone app connectivity. Through the Apollo app, riders can access various functions such as customizing LED light colors and patterns, tracking their scooter’s location using GPS, and even performing diagnostics to monitor the scooter’s health. This level of connectivity not only adds a layer of personalization but also facilitates easier maintenance and management of the scooter, providing riders with valuable insights into their usage patterns.

Another standout smart feature is the inclusion of a Bluetooth speaker. While it may be considered a fun addition, it offers practical benefits too. Riders can connect their smartphones to the scooter and enjoy music or receive turn-by-turn navigation instructions, enhancing the overall riding experience. The built-in speaker is clear and adequately loud, ensuring that riders can stay entertained and informed without the need for additional accessories. These smart features complement the Apollo Phantom’s overall package, making it a tech-savvy and convenient choice for modern urban commuters and enthusiasts alike.

Apollo Phantom scooter review — Smart features


In conclusion, having personally experienced the Apollo Phantom electric scooter, I can confidently say that it embodies the pinnacle of urban mobility and electric scooter technology. Its blend of striking design, exceptional performance, and user-friendly features left a lasting impression. The Phantom’s robust 800W motor provided exhilarating acceleration, effortlessly conquering challenging inclines, while the generous 52V 18.2Ah battery pack consistently delivered an impressive range, allowing me to embark on extended journeys with ease. The scooter’s build quality exudes durability, and its attention to detail shines through in every aspect of its construction.

Moreover, the Apollo Phantom excels in safety and comfort, with its dual-spring suspension system offering a remarkably smooth and comfortable ride. The customizable LED lights not only added a touch of personalization but also enhanced visibility during nighttime rides. The smart features, including the smartphone app connectivity and built-in Bluetooth speaker, added a layer of convenience and tech-savviness to my rides. While the Phantom’s price point may be at the upper end of the spectrum, the overall package justifies the investment for those seeking a high-quality, reliable, and feature-rich electric scooter. It’s a scooter that transforms daily commutes into enjoyable journeys and beckons adventure for those who crave the thrill of the open road. For comparison, you can also check out our previous article about Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter Review.

Apollo Phantom Video Review


Q: What is the maximum speed of the Apollo Phantom Electric Scooter?

A: The Apollo Phantom can reach a maximum speed of up to 34 mph (55 km/h), making it a swift and efficient mode of urban transportation.

Q: How long does it take to charge the scooter fully?

A: It takes approximately 6-7 hours to fully charge the Apollo Phantom’s 52V 18.2Ah battery, ensuring you have ample power for your next ride.

Q: Is the scooter suitable for riders of different heights?

A: Yes, the Apollo Phantom features an adjustable handlebar height, accommodating riders of various sizes and ensuring a comfortable riding experience.

Q: What is the range of the Apollo Phantom on a single charge?

A: The scooter offers an impressive range of up to 40 miles (64 km) on a single charge, depending on factors such as rider weight, terrain, and speed.

Q: Does the Apollo Phantom have suspension for a smooth ride?

A: Yes, the Phantom comes with front and rear dual-spring suspension, providing a comfortable and bump-free ride, even on rough terrain.

Q: Can I connect my smartphone to the scooter?

A: Yes, you can connect your smartphone to the scooter via the Apollo app, which allows for customization, GPS tracking, and diagnostics.

Q: What is the weight limit for the Apollo Phantom Electric Scooter?

A: The scooter has a weight limit of 220 lbs (100 kg), so please ensure you stay within this limit for safe operation.

Q: Does the scooter have regenerative braking?

A: Yes, the Apollo Phantom features regenerative braking, which helps extend the scooter’s range and provides precise control during braking.

Q: Are replacement parts and customer support readily available?

A: Apollo provides excellent customer support, and replacement parts are available through their official channels, ensuring you can maintain and service your scooter as needed.

Q: What safety features does the Apollo Phantom have?

A: The scooter is equipped with front and rear LED lights for enhanced visibility at night and a dual braking system (disc brakes and electric braking) for reliable stopping power. Additionally, its sturdy build and suspension system contribute to safety and stability.

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