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ZERO 10 Electric Scooter Review

ZERO 10 Electric Scooter Review

As an avid enthusiast of the best electric scooters and a firm believer in sustainable urban mobility solutions, I recently had the pleasure of putting the ZERO 10 electric scooter through its paces. Having clocked in countless miles on various e-scooters over the years, I approached this review with both high expectations and a discerning eye for detail. The ZERO 10 promised a lot on paper, and it was time to see if it lived up to the hype. In this comprehensive review, I’ll delve into every aspect of the ZERO 10, from its design and build quality to its performance and range, all while considering user-friendliness and convenience. So, let’s dive in and explore the future of commuting on two wheels.

Design & Build Quality

The first thing that struck me about the ZERO 10 was its striking design. It exuded a sense of sleek sophistication, featuring clean lines and an industrial aesthetic that instantly made it stand out among the crowded e-scooter market. The robust frame and premium materials used in its construction gave the scooter an unmistakable aura of durability. It felt reassuringly sturdy, capable of withstanding the rigors of daily commuting.

The attention to detail in the design was impressive. The frame had a thoughtful layout, with well-placed handlebars, a spacious deck for a comfortable ride, and integrated LED lighting for added safety. The scooter also featured hydraulic suspension and solid rubber tires that soaked up road imperfections, making for a smoother and more enjoyable ride. Overall, the ZERO 10’s design and build quality left me thoroughly impressed, and it was clear that this scooter was engineered with both form and function in mind.

ZERO 10 Electric Scooter — Design & Build Quality


Specifications Details
Motor Power Dual 1000W brushless motors
Max Speed Up to 40 mph (64 km/h)
Range Up to 30-40 miles (48-64 km) on a single charge (varies by model and riding conditions)
Battery 52V 18Ah lithium-ion battery
Charging Time 6-8 hours (standard charger)
Tires 10-inch pneumatic or solid rubber tires
Suspension Front and rear hydraulic suspension
Brakes Dual disc brakes with regenerative braking
Weight Capacity Up to 330 lbs (150 kg)
Weight Approximately 75-80 lbs (34-36 kg)
Foldable Yes, with a quick-folding mechanism
Lights Front and rear LED lights, integrated turn signals, and brake lights
Display LCD display with speed, battery life, and more information
Modes Eco and Sport modes
Frame Material Aluminum alloy
Additional Features Key ignition, kickstand, horn
App Compatibility Mobile app for tracking and customization
Warranty Manufacturer’s warranty varies by region

Please note that specifications may vary slightly depending on the specific model and version of the ZERO 10 Electric Scooter. It’s essential to consult the manufacturer’s website or user manual for the most accurate and up-to-date information for the specific model you’re interested in.

Zero 10 scooter — Specifications

Pros & Cons


  1. Powerful Performance: The dual 1000W brushless motors provide impressive acceleration and the ability to tackle steep hills with ease.
  2. High-Top Speed: With a top speed of up to 40 mph (64 km/h), the ZERO 10 offers an exhilarating and fast riding experience.
  3. Long Range: The scooter’s range of up to 30-40 miles (48-64 km) on a single charge (depending on the model and riding conditions) is ideal for most urban commutes.
  4. Durable Build: The scooter’s robust aluminum alloy frame and high-quality components make it durable and capable of withstanding daily use.
  5. Comfortable Ride: Hydraulic suspension and large 10-inch tires (pneumatic or solid rubber) provide a smooth and comfortable ride, even on uneven terrain.
  6. Regenerative Braking: The regenerative braking system not only enhances safety but also helps to extend the scooter’s battery life.
  7. User-Friendly: The scooter features an intuitive LCD display, integrated lights, and a foldable design for easy storage and transportation.
  8. Versatile Modes: The scooter offers both Eco and Sport modes, allowing riders to choose between maximizing range or enjoying faster speeds.
  9. Customization: Some models may come with a mobile app that allows riders to track performance, customize settings, and receive updates.
  10. High Weight Capacity: With a weight capacity of up to 330 lbs (150 kg), it can accommodate a wide range of riders.


  1. Price: The ZERO 10 Electric Scooter is relatively expensive compared to entry-level electric scooters, making it less accessible to budget-conscious consumers.
  2. Weight: The scooter is relatively heavy, weighing approximately 75-80 lbs (34-36 kg), which may not be convenient for those who need to carry it upstairs or for longer distances.
  3. Charging Time: The standard charging time of 6-8 hours may be longer than some other electric scooters on the market.
  4. Size: While the scooter’s size contributes to its stability and comfort, it may not be the best choice for those with limited storage space.
  5. Legislation: Depending on your location, the ZERO 10’s high speed may not comply with local electric scooter regulations, limiting where and how you can ride it legally.
  6. Maintenance: Like all electric scooters, the ZERO 10 may require periodic maintenance and replacement parts, which can add to the overall cost of ownership.
  7. Weight for Portability: The weight of the scooter may make it less portable for some riders, especially if they need to carry it onto public transportation.
  8. Noise: While not excessively noisy, the dual motors can produce some noise during operation, which may be a consideration for noise-sensitive environments.
  9. Limited Off-Roading: Despite its robust build, the ZERO 10 is not a true off-road scooter, and riders should avoid rough or muddy terrain.
  10. Warranty Variability: The manufacturer’s warranty terms may vary by region, so it’s essential to understand the warranty coverage for your specific location.

Before purchasing the ZERO 10 Electric Scooter, it’s essential to consider these pros and cons in the context of your individual needs and preferences to determine if it’s the right choice for you.

ZERO 10 Electric Scooter — Pros and Cons

Performance & Range

Performance is where the ZERO 10 truly shines. Equipped with a robust dual-motor system, this scooter effortlessly tackled steep hills and delivered exhilarating acceleration. The throttle response was immediate, and the scooter’s top speed surpassed my expectations. It was a thrilling ride, to say the least, and I found myself effortlessly weaving through traffic and conquering challenging terrains.

What’s equally impressive is the scooter’s range. With its high-capacity lithium battery, the ZERO 10 managed to cover substantial distances on a single charge. I consistently achieved a range that comfortably exceeded 30 miles on eco mode, which is more than ample for most urban commutes. The ability to switch between eco and sport modes allowed for a tailored riding experience, depending on whether I wanted to maximize range or embrace the adrenaline rush of faster speeds. The combination of outstanding performance and commendable range makes the ZERO 10 a formidable choice for daily commuters seeking both speed and endurance.

User-friendliness & Convenience

User-friendliness is a vital aspect of any electric scooter, and here too, the ZERO 10 excels. Its intuitive control panel, equipped with a clear display, provided essential information at a glance, such as speed, battery life, and mode selection. The scooter’s foldable design made it easy to store in tight spaces or transport on public transit.

One standout feature was the ZERO 10’s regenerative braking system, which not only enhanced safety but also contributed to longer battery life. The inclusion of front and rear disc brakes ensured reliable stopping power in various weather conditions, boosting my confidence while riding in the bustling city streets. Additionally, the inclusion of a bright LED headlight and taillight, along with integrated turn signals, enhanced visibility during nighttime rides.

The convenience factor extended to maintenance as well. The scooter’s modular design allowed for easy access to components, simplifying repairs and upgrades. It was evident that the ZERO 10 was engineered with the rider’s convenience in mind, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced e-scooter enthusiasts.

Scooter Zero 10 — User-friendliness & Convenience

LED Display

The LED display on the ZERO 10 Electric Scooter is a user-friendly and informative feature. Positioned conveniently within the rider’s line of sight, it provides crucial information such as current speed, battery life, and the selected riding mode. This clear and intuitive interface allows riders to monitor their scooter’s performance easily, enhancing both safety and convenience. Whether you’re tracking your speed on a thrilling ride or keeping an eye on battery levels during your daily commute, the LED display keeps you well-informed without distraction.


Charging the ZERO 10 is a straightforward process, albeit with a standard charging time of 6-8 hours. The scooter comes equipped with a charger that connects to a standard wall outlet, making it accessible for most riders. While the charging time may be longer than some other electric scooters, it’s generally manageable for overnight charging. Additionally, some riders may opt for aftermarket fast chargers to reduce charging times. It’s worth noting that the scooter’s impressive range offsets the longer charging duration, allowing for extended rides on a single charge and minimizing the need for frequent recharging.

Zero 10 scooter review — LED display

Electric Brake System

The electric brake system on the ZERO 10 is a standout feature that enhances both safety and riding experience. The regenerative braking system not only provides efficient stopping power but also contributes to the scooter’s extended battery life. When you engage the brakes, kinetic energy is converted back into electrical energy, recharging the battery and increasing overall efficiency. This not only improves the scooter’s eco-friendliness but also reduces wear and tear on traditional braking components. In addition to regenerative braking, the ZERO 10 also features dual disc brakes, offering riders reliable and responsive stopping power in various weather conditions. This combination of electric and mechanical braking ensures a high level of safety and control, making the ZERO 10 a dependable choice for riders seeking a secure and efficient braking system.


The ZERO 10 Electric Scooter offers remarkable maneuverability, making it well-suited for navigating through busy city streets and tight spaces. With its dual-motor system and precise throttle control, you have the power to accelerate swiftly and change direction with ease. The scooter’s responsive handling ensures that you can weave through traffic, execute sharp turns, and handle corners confidently. Additionally, the hydraulic suspension and well-designed frame contribute to its agility, absorbing bumps and irregularities in the road, providing a stable and comfortable ride even at higher speeds. Whether you’re dodging obstacles on your daily commute or zipping through urban environments, the ZERO 10’s maneuverability is a definite asset.

Electric scooter Zero 10 — Electric Brake System & Maneuverability review

An Extra Layer of Comfort

For riders seeking an extra layer of comfort during their journeys, the ZERO 10 Electric Scooter delivers. Its spacious deck provides ample room for your feet and allows for various foot placements, reducing fatigue during longer rides. The plush seating option on some models enhances comfort further, especially for those who prefer seated rides. Additionally, the scooter’s handlebars are designed with ergonomic grips, reducing strain on your wrists and ensuring a relaxed and comfortable riding posture. The inclusion of integrated LED lights not only enhances safety but also adds a touch of convenience for nighttime rides. These features collectively create a riding experience that prioritizes rider comfort, making the ZERO 10 an excellent choice for commuters or enthusiasts who value a smooth and enjoyable journey.


Safety is paramount when it comes to electric scooters, and the ZERO 10 takes this aspect seriously. The scooter is equipped with front and rear LED lights, including brake lights and turn signals, ensuring high visibility to both riders and surrounding traffic, especially during low-light conditions. The dual disc brake system, combined with regenerative braking, provides reliable and responsive stopping power, reducing the risk of accidents. Moreover, the scooter’s robust frame and suspension contribute to stability and control, even when riding at high speeds or over uneven terrain. Additionally, the scooter’s durable construction and high-quality components contribute to its overall safety and longevity. With safety features designed to keep riders protected and aware, the ZERO 10 offers a secure and dependable riding experience.

Zero scooter, model 10 — Safety

Battery Life

The battery life of the ZERO 10 Electric Scooter is a testament to its capability as a dependable urban commuting companion. With a high-capacity 52V 18Ah lithium-ion battery, this scooter offers impressive endurance on a single charge, covering distances of up to 30-40 miles (48-64 km), depending on the model and riding conditions. This substantial range makes it an ideal choice for daily commuters, as it can easily handle multiple round-trip commutes on a single charge, reducing the need for frequent recharging. Furthermore, the scooter’s regenerative braking system not only enhances safety but also contributes to battery life by converting kinetic energy back into electrical energy during braking, effectively extending your ride. Overall, the ZERO 10’s commendable battery life ensures that riders can confidently tackle their urban journeys without the constant worry of running out of power.

Ride Comfort

The ZERO 10 Electric Scooter prioritizes ride comfort, delivering a smooth and enjoyable journey for riders of all levels. Its 10-inch pneumatic or solid rubber tires, combined with front and rear hydraulic suspension, provide excellent shock absorption, effectively cushioning you from the bumps and imperfections of urban roads. Whether you encounter potholes, cobblestones, or uneven surfaces, the suspension system keeps the ride remarkably comfortable. The scooter’s ergonomic design extends to its handlebars, grips, and seating (if equipped), ensuring a relaxed and natural riding posture that reduces fatigue during longer trips. Additionally, the scooter’s ability to switch between eco and sport modes allows you to tailor your ride to your comfort preferences, whether you want a leisurely cruise or a more exhilarating journey. All these factors come together to make the ZERO 10 a standout choice for riders seeking a comfortable and enjoyable electric scooter experience.

Zero 10 review — Ride comfort

Smart Features

The ZERO 10 Electric Scooter doesn’t just excel in performance and comfort; it also incorporates smart features that enhance the overall riding experience. Some models may come with a mobile app that allows riders to connect to their scooters via Bluetooth. Through the app, riders can track essential metrics like speed, battery status, and trip history, providing valuable insights into their rides. Additionally, the app may offer customization options, enabling you to fine-tune settings to match your preferences. For added convenience, the scooter may also feature keyless ignition, eliminating the need for traditional keys. Moreover, the inclusion of integrated LED lights, including headlights, taillights, and turn signals, adds to both safety and user-friendliness, ensuring that you remain visible to others on the road, even during nighttime rides. These smart features not only elevate the ZERO 10’s functionality but also make it a modern and forward-thinking choice in the electric scooter market.


The ZERO 10 Electric Scooter impresses not only with its powerful performance but also with its exceptional maneuverability, offering riders the confidence to navigate urban landscapes effortlessly. Its commitment to rider comfort, whether through a spacious deck, ergonomic grips, or optional seating, adds an extra layer of luxury to every journey. Above all, its comprehensive safety features, including lighting, braking systems, and robust construction, ensure that riders can enjoy their adventures with peace of mind. Whether you’re using it for your daily commute or exploring the city, the ZERO 10 excels in providing a safe, comfortable, and maneuverable ride.

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Q: What is the maximum speed of the ZERO 10 electric scooter?

A: The maximum speed of the ZERO 10 electric scooter is up to 40 mph (64 km/h), depending on the model and riding conditions.

Q: How far can the ZERO 10 electric scooter travel on a single charge?

A: The ZERO 10 electric scooter can travel up to 30-40 miles (48-64 km) on a single charge, but the actual range may vary based on the specific model and riding conditions.

Q: What is the charging time for the ZERO 10 electric scooter?

A: The standard charging time for the ZERO 10 electric scooter is approximately 6-8 hours.

Q: Is the ZERO 10 electric scooter foldable for easy storage and transportation?

A: Yes, the ZERO 10 electric scooter is designed with a foldable mechanism, making it easy to store in tight spaces or transport on public transit.

Q: What type of brakes does the ZERO 10 electric scooter have?

A: The ZERO 10 electric scooter features a dual braking system, including regenerative braking and dual disc brakes for reliable stopping power.

Q: Is the ZERO 10 electric scooter suitable for off-road riding?

A: While the ZERO 10 is a robust scooter, it is primarily designed for urban and city use. It can handle uneven terrain to some extent but is not intended for serious off-roading.

Q: Does the ZERO 10 electric scooter have a mobile app for customization and tracking?

A: Some models of the ZERO 10 electric scooter may come with a mobile app that allows riders to customize settings, track performance metrics, and connect to their scooter via Bluetooth.

Q: What is the weight capacity of the ZERO 10 electric scooter?

A: The ZERO 10 electric scooter can support riders with a weight capacity of up to 330 lbs (150 kg).

Q: Are there different riding modes available on the ZERO 10 electric scooter?

A: Yes, the ZERO 10 typically offers both Eco and Sport modes, allowing riders to choose between maximizing range or enjoying faster speeds.

Q: What safety features are included with the ZERO 10 electric scooter?

A: The ZERO 10 electric scooter includes front and rear LED lights, regenerative braking, dual disc brakes, and a robust frame for safety. Additionally, integrated turn signals and brake lights enhance visibility during rides.

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