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Electric longboards Review

Best Electric Longboards of 2022

Electric longboards are skateboards 100-120 cm long. Board dimensions are measured in inches and are used to categorize decks:

  • mini 22′′;
  • medium 40-42′′;
  • maxi 50′′.

The differences may also apply to the shape of the deck: oval, with pointed edges, with a split tail, etc. Purpose of the projectile – riding on the city, trails, and paths. But maneuvers and tricks are not their things.

Top 4 Electric Longboards


Arbor Axis 37′′ Solstice – for active downhill

This model is worth paying attention to those who prefer city skateboarding or high-speed riding. It is a leader among longboards because of its unusual shape, noticeable design, and environmentally friendly materials.

Arbor Axis 37 Solstice has a long lifetime due to 7 layers of premium Canadian maple deck and reconstituted glass coating. The 69mm wheels with 78A stiffness are not prone to damage, but can’t handle a dirt road. AWES7 bearings and a low-profile Momentum core are responsible for a flawless ride and fast speeds.


  • Original design;
  • Eco-materials;
  • 37-inch deck;
  • 7 layers of hard maple with bamboo veneer;
  • Increased moisture protection;
  • Full cornering control;
  • Robust construction.


The price. Arbor Axis is an expensive model.

Hone your skills on this board can both beginner and professional – the design is responsive in turns and confidently goes on the asphalt. But you will have to pay near $200 for the universal model.

Penny Nickel 27′′ Tony Hawk LTD Crest Maroon – limited edition board

The ergonomic frame is designed for riders of all levels. The lightweight polymer vinyl deck is sturdy and reliable and can support the weight of a car. Wide suspension is responsible for stability, and 59-millimeter wheels with ABEC7 class bearings for speed and maneuverability. For cushioning, the Austrian brand used soft 59mm 78A wheels, and they cushion shocks and vibration when riding over rough terrain. The Austrian brand Tony Hawk used soft 59mm 78A wheels for cushioning, that cushion shocks and vibration when riding over rough terrain.


  • Fast and maneuverable;
  • Compact – the length is 68 cm;
  • Reliable fittings and accessories;
  • Polypropylene wheels easily absorb vibration;
  • Aluminum suspension Gustom 4′′;
  • High-strength vinyl deck;
  • European quality certificate.


  • Wheels are prone to abrasion and damage;
  • Expensiveness.

The bright design of the projectile will not go unnoticed. You can learn the basics of street surfing on this longboard from 6-8 years old. The model weighs 2 kg and will not take much space in the child’s or teenager’s backpack.

Mindless Lakota DT IV 40′′ Natural – The Best Longboard for Freeride

The Mindless Lakota is an electric longboard with an improved undercarriage that is created for greater stability in high-speed runs. The wheels adjust to the type of riding in six positions. The kit uses Mindless Precision bearings and 75mm wheels with 84A stiffness, which are responsible for fast speed. The deck consists of six-ply Canadian maple and two-ply bamboo, glued with epoxy resin and covered with sandpaper.


  • Sturdy board;
  • Improved shape;
  • Reliable and stable;
  • High-end materials used;
  • Adjustable wheels;
  • Anti-slip skins.


  • High price;
  • Heavy.

The newfangled longboard with bamboo trim will pleasantly surprise you with its reliable build, stability and confident speed set. The model is used by children and adults for urban freeride.

Ridex Aquatica 38′′ – The Model with Classic Shape of Deck

A new product Aquatica from the Ridex brand makes possible surfing overland. The board looks like a real surfboard on the surface. It is equipped with four 70-millimeter wheels in 78A hardness, that allows you to pick up speed instantly and maneuver along the way. Ridex Trucks 7′′ suspensions are responsible for stability and secure chassis fixation in place. The board is glued together from nine-ply of Chinese maple and weighs 3.7kg – not the smallest figure, but it doesn’t interfere with tricks and turns. The size of the board is 38 inches or 96.5 cm.


  • Attractive design;
  • Robust construction;
  • The wheels cushion shocks and vibrations;
  • Easy to handle even at high speeds;
  • Dense nine-ply deck with a great design;
  • Supports weights up to 100kg.


  • Heavy model;
  • Rarely is available in stores – most likely you will have to order it online.

A classic electric longboard Ridex Aquatica is good in the races on country trails and park lanes but is quite heavy. Only professionals can perform tricks on this board.

Overall Description of the Electric Longboard

The electric longboard is similar to the usual mechanical device. The heart of its design – deck or board on which the rider stands. It is usually covered with sandpaper for a better grip with soles while riding. It also has suspension, connecting the platform to 4 wheels, bearings, and bushings.


The main differences from the non-electric version are:

  1. Electric motor, which allows you to develop a fairly high speed (on the average 30-40 km/h, but it depends on the engine power) and effortlessly enter the slides.
  2. Battery, that provides power to the engine. When choosing a vehicle, it is worth considering the capacity of the battery as the distance that can be overcome without additional recharging depends on this.
  3. Remote control. During the movement there is no need to push off the surface with your feet: the electric longboard is controlled by the remote control. The portable remote control is easy to hold in the palm of your hand, accelerating or decelerating by pressing the forward/backward buttons or adjusting the levers.


Usually, the electronic longboard weights more than a conventional one, and can be up to about 10 kg.

Most modern branded models have specially designed apps that can be installed on your smartphone. When the vehicle is synchronized with a mobile device, you can use your smartphone to track speed, mileage, charge level, track your ride path, adjust settings, select speed modes, etc.

Battery & Charging

The battery of an electric longboard is connected to the electrical grid using a charger. The process of recharging doesn’t take a long time, and you can use the technique throughout the day.

Full-fledged transport or a device for walking? Everyone decides for himself. The versatility of the device is its exceptional feature. As for dynamics, speed and autonomy, these are the parameters that put electric longboards above not only their mechanical counterparts but also e-skateboards in their traditional representation.

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