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Electric Skateboards Review

Best Electric Skateboards of 2024

Overall description of the electric skateboard

Visually, the electric skateboard is hard to distinguish from the classic model of skateboard without a motor. But the device still has its distinctive features:


Electric skateboard weighs about 5 to 7 pounds (depending on the species and model). The wheels are more massive, and that provides a soft ride on rough roads.


Electric skateboards have at least one motor, some models have more than one engine. This fact determines the power of the gadget and the maximum speed it can develop. If you wish, you can turn off the motor and use the electric board as a non-motor board.


Electric skateboards have lithium-ion batteries from which the device draws its energy. It is consumed sparingly, so 1 charge may be enough for several tens of kilometers.


Electric skateboards charges from a standard 220V socket with a wire that comes with the kit. Some models can fully charge in a couple of hours.

Starting the engine and control

The motor switches on by pressing a button. Braking on the device is provided remotely, with the help of the remote control. It also controls the direction of travel and speed.

Technical characteristics

There are different models of gyroscooters, hoverboards, and electric boards on the market. All types differ from each other in external parameters and internal characteristics.


The gyroscooter itself came from a segway and is not a skateboard, it is not designed for stunts and high speed. But the device is easy to operate and suitable for daily walks.

Gadgets differ in the size of the wheels. For example, models with 4.5-inch wheels are convenient for children, but not designed for rough roads. The average size is considered to be 8 inches, and the more powerful and fast gyroscooters have 10-inch wheels.

Battery power also varies depending on the size of the device. The more massive, the higher the power.

The speed of the gyroscooter dependы on the above characteristics and the weight of the user. So, the fastest gadget is able to reach a speed of 25 km/h on a amooth road.

The device is controlled by body movement. Tilt forward – start and move. A slight deviation of the body backward will brake the gyroscooter.


This is a type of gyroscooter, but the hoverboard has its own characteristics. It looks more like an electric skateboard but has a large wheel in the middle.

It is not controlled by leaning forward and backward but left and right. A rubberized surface allows you to hold firmly on your feet and deftly maneuver on the road, avoiding the bumps.

The batteries in it are also lithium-ion, and their capacity is about 4,000 mAh. On one charge hoverboard can go up to 20-25 km, and a full charge takes a couple of hours.

The gadget has built-in speakers, through which you can monitor the battery charge, speed, and amount of distance traveled. Additionally, the device has lighting for riding in the evening and at night.

Electric Skateboard

There are many models of electric skateboards with different features, capacities and for different purposes.

There can be more than one motor on one device, which will increase its power. It ranges from 150 to 330 watts. The maximum speed on different models of the gadget can be from 15 to 40 km/h. But some sports skateboards accelerate up to 90 km/h.

Batteries are located on the back surface, they charge in a few hours, and they last for 20 km or more.

There are electric boards for urban use, which have narrow and smooth wheels, medium weight, and low power. And also off-road models with wide tires and larger dimensions.

Electric skateboard works well in wet weather. However, you should be careful when riding it on wet pavement, because the grip weakens. Optionally, you can install a headlight that will illuminate the way.

How do electric skateboards work

The electric board is controlled by a compact remote, which fits comfortably in your hand. To start the device turn it on, put one foot on it, push off and put the second leg. After that a small lever on the remote control shifts to increase speed. Turns and other maneuvers are performed in the same way as on a non-motorized skateboard.

Braking carries out from the remote control, but it is not possible to stop the device quickly. After returning the lever to its original position, the skateboard will continue to move, gradually reducing the speed. The braking distance can be up to 12 m.

How much are electric skateboards

Many people wonder how much do electric skateboards cost.

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