Stephen, Tulsa, OK

All I can say is thank you! This is more than what we were expecting, the entire bike is amazing simply amazing! We love it!! Thank you - The P Family —Stephen P., Tulsa, OK

Kenneth, Kansas City, MO

This is the best thing I have ridden in years! I have been in a leg cast for three months and the first thing I wanted to do was ride my Motoped Pro. WOW! It did not disappoint! I have been on it ever since!! —Kenneth S., age 59, Kansas City, MO

Arswey, Ventura, CA

My Cruzer is amazing! The quality of the bike is as good as the prototype that was at SEMA. The bike is quick and comfortable. Once I have it in an environment where people who can appreciate the bike I will give you another update. —Arswey W., age 34, Ventura, CA

John, Spring Grove, IL

He is having a blast with the Motoped and everyone he shows it to loves it. He rides it in backyard tracks, up and down hills, and on the streets where it gets a lot of attention. He is still waiting on the 125cc to become available. —John B., age 47, Spring Grove, IL

Kazufusa, Peachtree City, GA

We are thoroughly enjoying the Motoped. Once it was shown to my wife, it was ride on!! Our first ride was at Highland Park MX Resort. They have amazing trails! He loves that the bike for a lot of reasons, being so lightweight is a major plus. —Kazufusa O., age 37, Peachtree City, GA

Chad, San Diego, CA

Pictures don’t always accurately show the sheer enjoyment something brings to you, so I wanted to write you guys and thank you for such an innovative and rad product. I wanted this so bad, but questioned if it was just my inner child screaming for a new toy. After riding my Motoped, learning the pedal