Today, MOTOPEDS® are available in three base models and can be purchased fully assembled and ready to ride with stock 49cc engine included, partially assembled kit (sans engine), or as knock-down (KD) box-kit you assemble yourself and bolt your own engine onto.

If you buy a KD kit and you’re somewhat experienced with motorcycle/bicycle fabrication, plan to spend about a day assembling your new MOTOPED®. Longer if you don’t know a socket wrench from a phillips screwdriver. . .

Customizing and accessorizing your MOTOPED® is half the fun. Soon, we’ll be adding some very cool new MOTOPEDS® to the site available to purchase. Until then, get creative, use your imagination and show us what you can do. —Join the forums and see how others have customized their MOTOPED® and you can share yours with the world too.

We’ve also made it super simple to ship your new MOTOPED® right to your door at affordable rates, whether you choose preassembled or unassembled. Alternatively, if you’re looking for an excuse to visit glorious Kansas City, MO—you can grab it from us directly at our fulfillment center in person. We’d love to meet you.

*  Since the Pro, Cruzer and Survival Bikes are built to order there is a lead-time to fulfill your purchase. Don’t let that stop you from ordering today. MOTOPEDS® are the fastest selling motor-assisted bikes on the planet for a reason. Man up, whip out your plastic, and secure your spot in line.

*  Our Motoped 49cc engines are EPA certified, and have the only internal 2-stage fully automatic transmissions available. Alternatively, if you choose to buy the box kit with no engine, the internal combustion engine you install needs to be an EPA certified engine, and in California a CARB certified engine is required to be legal. No such requirements exist for electric engines at this time.