Monthly Archives: July 2015

John, Spring Grove, IL

He is having a blast with the Motoped and everyone he shows it to loves it. He rides it in backyard tracks, up and down hills, and on the streets where it gets a lot of attention. He is still waiting on the 125cc to become available. —John B., age 47, Spring Grove, IL

Kazufusa, Peachtree City, GA

We are thoroughly enjoying the Motoped. Once it was shown to my wife, it was ride on!! Our first ride was at Highland Park MX Resort. They have amazing trails! He loves that the bike for a lot of reasons, being so lightweight is a major plus. —Kazufusa O., age 37, Peachtree City, GA

Outdoor Magazine

You can find the Motoped Cruzer in the July issue of Outside Magazine. DISPATCHES Covet: The Motoped Cruzer is built for the beach.