All of us here at Motoped are big fans of Conan O’Brien, but after meeting him we’re even bigger fans! Conan first discovered the Motoped Cruzer in Outdoor Magazine. He called us to order insisting that he wanted no favors and that he expected to wait in line like everyone else. Class act! Delivering the bike to Conan was a cool experience. We wondered if he would be as funny, quick and clever as he is on television. He delivered! We told him “he looked shorter on TV” and true to his pithy form he stated “well, then you need to get a bigger tv”. Conan, good things come to those who wait! Thank you for waiting! The entire Motoped team wants to thank Conan for his business and we hope he enjoys “choosing his own adventure” as he Motopeds around So Cal! Post some pictures, Conan…we can’t wait to see. P.S. Ken hopes your enjoying the quart of Missouri’s finest moonshine!

—Conan O’Brien, Los Angeles, CA